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DinoX is a world of collectible and tradeable NFT dinosaurs, living and breeding on the Ethereum blockchain, the DinoX universe is a fully interactive ecosystem with exciting games where users can enjoy their dinos and potentially earn some rewards along the way.
The DNX token is an ERC 721 token deployed on Ethereum chain. It is what’s commonly known as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and is the foundation of DinoX as both collectible dinosaurs and playable characters.

All DNX tokens begin as mysterious unhatched eggs with traits that hint at the dinosaur’s characteristics without giving away the dinosaur that hatches from it. Owners can choose to hatch their eggs and find out what awesome dinosaur is hiding inside, or keep them in their egg form to build suspense and even sell them in either form (egg or dino) on the open marketplace.

DNX dinosaurs will have some traits written in blockchain and some data tied to them. Traits, such as sizing, rarity, birthday, species as well as some in-game achievements will differentiate each character. Each DNX is unique on its own but with the ability to breed dinos together, you’ll have a chance to make some truly one-of-a-kind dinosaurs that would have never normally existed.
The DinoX universe will be characterized by multiple generations of Dino NFTs (DNX), Breeding and the possibility to create new, never before seen genera of dinos and a full interactive game with the codename “DinoX WORLD”

Dino Farm going live in few days and here are the exotic features that will be released along together with the dino farm.
Members will be able to stake there DNXC tokens they bought earlier to earn/farm DNX dino eggs. The Minimum stake will be 500 DNXC tokens while the Maximum stake will be 5,000 DNXC tokens in the pool.
The more DNXC tokens been staked in this pool, the quicker you will receive your DNX dino eggs. Exact staking length, rewards and DNX delivery schedule will be disclosed before the staking pool goes live.

The DNXC and DNXI Staking Pool will follow

DNXI tokens are ERC 721 layer 2 tokens to be used as a progression within the game and ecosystem of DinoX universe. These tokens exist on the Polygon Network to reduce the gas costs from frequent usage. DNXI could range from character equipment to upgrades on different aspects of the game.

The relations between DNX and DNXI are held by centralized storage and DinoX API, creating a wonderful ecosystem where all assets function together. Using DNXI tokens to upgrade your dinos can make them stronger, faster, smarter as well as make them look even cooler with some unique accessories.

You will be able to stake your DNXC tokens and earn DNXI tokens (in-game items)!

  • The staking length, min/max units, rewards and DNXI delivery schedule will be announced before the staking pool goes live.

Stake your DNXC tokens and earn high APY% rewards in the form of DNXC tokens and the exact staking length, min/max caps, and APY% will be announced before the staking pool goes live.

Liquidity Provider Program (coming soon)

After the $DNXC token has been listed, the launch of DNXC liquidity provider (LP) rewards program will follows.

  • Provide Liquidity on Uniswap or Quickswap (listing details for Quickswap to be announced in the following days) and stake your LP tokens in our LP pool in the DinoX staking platform to earn massive APY% in the form of DNXC tokens.
  • We will make an announcement as soon as the reward program opens.

However, DNXC is been traded on some centralize exchanges, however, if you hold on to your rewards, the fruits of your labor will be realized when our game — DINOX World — launches and all of your accumulated DNX, DNXC and DNXI tokens turn into valuable in-game assets!

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