Unmarshal Strategic Partnership with Plugin

Unmarshal and Plugin Collaborate to Create Platform for Syncing Real World Data on XDC
Unmarshal is a data network that aims to render services related to granular data. As a Multi-chain Web 3.0 data network that delivers reliable data to NFTs, Metaverse, DeFi protocols, and GameFi solutions. As well as providing a latent view of processed data, transforming tools and data indexers that power Web 3.0 apps on any chain make up the Unmarshal network. Unmarshal is an extensive data provider that functions on multi-chains. This network is a more effortless and less complicated way of querying Blockchain data from Binance, Ethereum, XDC, Smart Chain, and Polkadot.
Unmarshall has announced a strategic partnership with Plugin to develop a joint platform for dApps on XDC. This forward-looking collaboration aims to enhance data access from both off and on-chains. The partnership promises to create a blockchain agnostic platform for data analytics.
After getting grants from the Xinfin foundation, XDC is one of the ten blockchains that Unmarshal has indexed. Unmarshal provides an even platform for obtaining transformed data from on-chain as an underlying blockchain provider.
The Plugin API equips smart contracts with data indexing, aggregation, and off-chain computation. GoPlugin enhances Web 3.0 projects with an effective solution for getting reliable, secure, verified, and speedy real-world data. On the other side, Unmarshal equips smart contracts with on-chain data analytics. The platform also processes the data to a decoded and more meaningful form for inferences drawn from the data. It is a futuristic platform that helps smart contract developers process and transform on-chain data through notifications, APIs, feeds, dashboards, and historical data.
There is more than enough assurance that this collaboration will provide a joint platform for smart contracts to get verified and granular data through the Plugin API from the XDC chain. Businesses and smart contracts that operate with Web 3.0 will significantly benefit from the partnership. The partnership will bring about a single ecosystem for both on-chain and off-chain data processing and governance.
Manohara K., Founder and CEO at Unmarshal, said,” We’re pleased about our first XDC ecosystem partnership with Plugin Decentralized Oracle. I’m sure that the partnership will be tremendously beneficial for dApps seeking uniform data from both on and off the chain”.
“This partnership will certainly increase the value we offer to our XDC ecosystem partners. Through our effective collaboration with Unmarshal, we are certain that dAppd on DeFi will get more attention now”, Vinod Khurana, Founder, and CEO of Suvik Group of Companies and Plugin.
The partnership between a multi-chain data network that equips smart contracts with decoded data and a decentralized Oracle will surely benefit the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

For more information about Unmarshal, you can visit https://unmarshal.io/

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