As every other month, October was another month of major partnerships and developments at Unmarshal. As we aim at delivering reliable and real-time data to DApps. This October, we also celebrated our 6-month anniversary at Unmarshal, we began the month by charting our way toward a decentralised network. We’ve been growing steadily and talking bold steps to improve the Unmarshal protocol at large and better the ecosystem.

We compiled a list of major developments and approaches at Unmarshal last month and they are as follows;

1. First we announced our World’s 1st Decentralized NFT Indexer

We have planned ways 9f decentralising our NFT indexer for Ethereum and BSC network and we also celebrate this as we are celebrating our 6 months anniversary at Unmarshal. This NFT network would be the first in this space to provide an entirely rich, resilient, and also would be decoded from on-chain services.

2. Partnership with Unreal Finance

We’ve now formed Partnership with Unreal Finance as this a a lending and borrowing platform that allows users lock in interest through synthetic and ownership tokens

3. XScan.io Targeted ads Platform

Based on the tokens held by wallet explorers, the platform displays laser-focused ads of partnering projects. This allows users to see where they may put their tokens to work to earn passive income. Unmarshal’s earnings from Bulletin Ads will be returned to the community in the form of staking rewards.

4. Partnership with Ojamu

We’ve also formed Partnership with Ojamu as Ojamu makes use of blockchains to disperse user data over many networks. Unmarshal will now offer data access to Ojamu’s platform.

5. MARSH Top Traders Competition

There was a trading league held from the starting of October 2021. The period of the competition lasted for 14 days. Traders who traded with maximum MARSH Tokens on Pancakeswap won $1000 worth of MARSH rewards. Both buying and selling applies.

6. MARSH Native Staking Platform

The MARSH Native Staking Platform for created specifically for Long-term MARSH holders l. With this platform, they can stake their MARSH tokens and earn rewards.

7. Buyback and Burn

So far, we have purchased $250,000 worth of MARSH token. This Buyback activities help control inflation and a specific portion was also burnt.

8. XSCAN.IO Airdrop

To receive this Airdrop, users subscribed to notification and submitted a screenshot of a web notice received on their device. This Airdrop is first of its kind as it rewards the entire community.




Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.

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Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.

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