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Unmarshal May 2022 Highlights

As a firm that’s always going forward, there is no gainsaying that we’re always up to something new. From new partnerships to recent developments, here is a quick highlight of May:

• Fantom Integration

The Fantom blockchain has over 240 dApps: oracles, launchpads, DeFi protocols, wallets, gaming platforms, NFT marketplaces, and others. Since the integration, Unmarshal’s services now have a broader scope of coverage. On the several dApps available on Fantom, Unmarshal offers data services to users. Unmarshal can now be used to build on the Fantom chain.

• Refer and Earn Program Launch

This new program creates an avenue for users to earn income passively. Launched in the earlier part of May, the refer and earn program allows users to get passive income by inviting others to use Unmarshal API. Unlike some other systems that make it a requirement to operate a premium account to be able to earn a referral income, Unmarshal free users can earn passively. Moreover, when a referred friend upgrades their account to a premium account, the referrer gets 25% on their plan upgrade cost.

To refer a friend, the process is super easy. Users simply have to go to the refer and earn tab to generate their referral code on their account.

• API Plans Improvement

We have been planning to revise our API plans. This is because we understand that projects have to be able to access our services, regardless of what development level they belong to.

However, in May, we successfully implemented this excellent plan. Now, our plans have become even more affordable and reasonable. Our paid plans now begin from as low as $99 per month. At this API pricing level, users can now opt for our paid plans without undertaking a heavy financial burden. However, our scalable price does not imply a lower quality of our services in any way.

• Strategic Partnership with Spherium Finance

Spherium Finance has a collection of cross-chain apps which include money markets, universal wallets, liquidity transfers between different blockchains, staking services, and a token swap platform. It is renowned for enhancing the cross-chain ecosystem.

With this alliance, HyperSwap will now be operated by Unmarshal’s effective APIs. HyperSwap is Spherium’s AMM protocol for asset swap that is cross-chain compatible.

A firebase integration is arguably the best part of this partnership for users. Users can now get notified about all transactions carried out on the AMM.

• Insight of MARSHians

On the topic of Web 3.0, several insights have been expressed and shared by our developers and engineers. Whether on NFTs or UI development, there are insights on our blogs.

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