Unmarshal Governance Model

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Having regulated its framework and the entire structure, Unmarshal has focused on creating a community-driven decentralized model. For the Unmarshal network, the governance model offers many benefits. However, the most prominent is the power it gives to $MARSH owners. People who have $MARSH can directly impact Unmarshal as regards growth.

Before this governance model, the focus of Unmarshal was on building the network system to be effective and hitch-free. Developers were more concerned about keeping indexer nodes, adding to the API suite, and continuously increasing and indexing new blockchains. At this stage, Unmarshal needed to offer developers and other users the smoothest experience. However, this has been accomplished over the last few years.

Aside from the direct effect that $MARSH users now have on Unmarshal, a fair system will also characterize the governance model.

How The Governance Model Works

To propose, the minimum $MARSH required is 2000. This feature allows users to make proposals that other users can comment on, upvote, or downvote.

To comment, the minimum $MARSH required is 1000. With this feature, you can easily express your thoughts about a proposal.

To upvote or downvote a proposal, the minimum $MARSH required is 500.

The portal of the governance model, as expected, is top-tier. It has been designed to enhance smooth navigation and access. A wallet connect feature for ascertaining the amount of $MARSH held is available on the dashboard. Whether the $MARSH is in a staking contract or the wallet, users can quickly ascertain the amount.

How Proposals Are Approved

Users can select the Submit Request option and include a title for the new feature that is being requested. A section is made available for adding more details like images, added documents, or videos. Users can also add descriptions. After submitting the request successfully, it becomes lined up on the waitlist. At this level, other users have the chance to comment, upvote, or downvote the proposal. When a proposal has 200 votes or above, it would be approved. Then, the proposal moves to the ‘in-progress’ area. This means that the team is already working towards implementing the proposal.

About Unmarshal

Unmarshal is a Multi-chain network that enhances smooth access to data on blockchains for decentralized apps of any type. Developers of dApps no longer have to worry about the accessibility of on-chain data. From Binance’s innovative chain and XDC to Polygon and Ethereum, Unmarshal has supported blockchains’ operation.

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