Unmarshal April Review 2022

Unmarshal is a chain-agnostic DeFi data network that is in the business of transforming and delivering granular data to dApps. As a network that involves transforming tools and data indexers, it is effective in verifying blockchain data from Polkadot, Near, Ethereum, and Binance.

At the beginning of a fresh month, there are several new feats that Unmarshal has accomplished in the last month(April).

On the list of achievements in April is the opening of founder nodes. With these open nodes, anyone can host. About 25 node applications have been opened. With the least amount of 25,000 $MARSH, people can host the Unmarshal founder nodes.

Unmarshal’s first-ever Office Hours Webinar was also launched in April. This was in collaboration with Zeroswap. The major topic to be discussed was the important role that data analytics plays in DeFi. The panelists included Unmarshal’s Arham, Shivakumar, and Zeroswap’s Aayushi. The webinar explored how quality decision-making can be enhanced with Unmarshal’s Analytics Dashboard which helps other platforms visualize and understand application data.

The partnership between Unmarshal and Darkblock has also made headlines. Dark blocks are unblocked add-ons for an NFT which is a preview or key. They can either be created with APIs or on the website application. Darkblock will be supported by Unmarshal’s APIs in getting NFT metadata from on-chain and off-chain sources. With the collaboration, Darkblock will be equipped to support Unmarshal’s data layer, Polygon Chain.

The collaboration of Unmarshal and GoPlugin, a decentralized oracle that works on the XDC chain. The essence of the collaboration is to develop a platform for dApps on the XDC chain to enhance the retrieving of granular data from multichain sources. Using the Plugin API, the collaboration will bring about a joint platform for smart contracts to access authentic and transformed data from the XDC chain.

Furthermore, in the aspect of Unmarshal’s core APIs, there has been a recent improvement. Users can now make use of Unmarshal’s API endpoint in querying minter details. This is particularly effective for those users who want to know the creator of a collection of NFT while designing an NFT app. This improved feature is supported for BNB, Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon chains.

Unmarshal has, as a way of helping developers to work fast, added APIs to query data from testnets. This is an interesting improvement for dApps developers who carry out smart contracts functionality tests with testnets. Support for BNB testnet, Rinkeby, and Mumbai testnet has been launched.

These aforementioned improvements have made it needless to say that Unmarshal has taken some giant strides in April.

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Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.

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Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.

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