About Unilend

UniLend is a permission-less decentralized ERC-20 &BSC-20 protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending and services through smart contracts where we provide Permission-less listing of assets, lending and borrowing where the individual is reward at an interest rate or the individual is required to pay interest rate respectively,Spot trading of corresponding pairs on UniLend platform, providing liquidity where individuals will be rewarded, Governance and Native utility tokens.

UniLend’s Alpha, Initium V1

During the last UniLend’s Alpha, Initium V1 in (December 2020) which we few were selected to participate among 42,000+ registrations received from the early adopters. Early access pioneers were provided with test tokens along with a user guide so they can truly experience the beginning stages of the journey .
Some other members were selected in bathes to test the Initium so as to identify all bugs and maintain a user friendly interface and finally we open the initium for the whole commuity to test and there was a feedback form for people to fill and lodge in the complains which Unilend team worked on.


Unilend Mainnet is coming up on the 30th of march when Unilend Finanace blockchain protocol will be fully developed and deployed such that cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain are being broadcasted, verified, and recorded on a distributed ledger technology (Unilend blockchain).

UFT Mainnet Staking Rewards Set at ??% APY coming soon

Unilend has a main distinguishing feature which is the permissionless listing functionality. Therefore, though the Mainnet protocol launching t in few days,there will be reward for stakers and liquidity providers for various projects in future

there is much more to come that is yet to be revealed, including collaboration with more major industry players in DEFI.

UniLend would like to formally congratulate the early pioneers for being part of this revolutionary DeFi journey right from the scratch , It is our pleasure to collaborate with those of you that will be selected for our early access program and with the rest of the community that later experience the Initium few month ago.

Evolution of DeFi, with UniLend pioneering the path forward to success

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