2 min readNov 28, 2021


The Spores token ( with symbol SPO) is the governance token of the spores Network. And the spores token Holders are entitled to a lot of Unique Incentives. Also the SPO token is designed to be NFT-creator-centric and DeFi-community-driven, a great way to incentivize all contributors and participants.

Some changes have now been made on the SPO token Tokenomics and they are all listed as follows;

• Advisor — 3%

• Ecosystem — 15%

• Team — 15%

• Community — 12%

• Mining- 25%

• Liquidity — 3%

• Research — 10.2%

• Private and Public Sale — 16.8%

• locking time for Team and Advisor, increasing the lock time from 12 to 24 months, then releasing 20% on the 25th month, 30% on the 37th month, and 50% on the 49th month. This is a considerably longer lockup and vesting compared to the previous vesting schedule (lock 12 months, vest 36 months), which represents our long-term commitment to building value to Spores and SPO tokens over the long term.

• In Addition, After several deliberation and negotiations with our IDO Launchpad — CardStarter, we have increased our public round from $200k to $400k to be able to accommodate more public participation. The public round also now includes a 30% upfront (rather than the previous 100% upfront) plus a 7-month-linear-vesting, resulting in the total circulating amount of Day 1 being only $310,000

Announcement; The Spores Public-IDO will take place on the 28th of July on CardStarter. From 3 pm UTC on 21 July, and the community will be able to access CardStarter for public registration.




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