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Have you ever heard of blockchain games or play-to-earn games? Well, blockchain games are any video games that use some of the features of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology features include the use of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which players can buy, sell, or trade with one another.

The Play to Earn industry has witnessed and gained a lot of traction in recent times, with lots of players doing things for fun, from simple and casual to technical, with an entire market cap of $26.2 billion as at the time of writing this article. In this article, you’ll be learning about Starcrazy, a play-to-earn game built on IoTex Blockchain, and why it is considered a game changer by many.

What is StarCrazy?

StarCrazy is a play-to-earn NFT game built on the IoTeX platform. StarCrazy consists of NFTs in the form of animated cats called Stars. Each star has eight body parts, each of which is relatively unique.

The uniqueness(Rarity) ranges from the basic to the ultra-rare. Also, each star has a digging power called DigP. The Star Mine is the best part of the game because it allows players to earn Game Fantasy Tokens (GFT) which players can decide to trade or hold to make more money.

The higher the digging power of a star, the higher the GFT the player will earn. In the world of StarCrazy, players buy, sell, and trade their stars through a bidding auction or free marketplace. Players can participate in the official auction that generates random stars or start their own auction to sell their stars.

The most interesting part of StarCrazy is that it allows players to fuse two of their stars together. They can select two of their stars and join them together to form a brand new star. This process is partially randomized, which means that the new NFT may be more or less powerful than the two former stars.

To buy the various stars, users are expected to use StarCrazy’s Game Fantasy Token (GFT). It is an IoTeX-based token that’s used as the main currency in the game, and users are expected to have a minimum of 10 $IOTX in their wallets before they can start playing the game.

One amazing and rare feature of StarCrazy is that GFS, the governance token, is 100% player owned. That is, the player has the full authority to mine the token. Players can filter through the list of GFTs.

With the IoPay wallet for mobile, players can easily access the game fantasy by using the Dapp to access the game fantasy and connect their Iotex wallet instantly.

Players need to fund their wallet with IOTEX either by withdrawing from centralized exchanges like Binance and other major exchanges where IOTEX is listed, or by swapping other tokens for IOTEX on the Mimoswap or any other preferred DEX.

To buy the NFTs, players can easily filter through options such as price, quality, and DigP, with different cards (NFTs) having a different amount of digging power and selling for different prices.

Another key thing to look at when acquiring the NFTs is their rarity, which is always on the cards, mainly in short forms such as :
N for Normal or not rare,
SSR for Super super rare and
SR for Super rare.

The rarity of these NFTs goes a step further when you click on the cards or NFTs. A card could be super rare, but different attributes such as head, ear, eye, mouth, beard, skin, and Tattoo of the same NFTs could have different levels of rarity.

While the metrics used to assign rarity levels are unknown, a gamer could fuse two super-rare cards and end up with a normal card with lower or higher digging power because the process is generally randomized therefore, choosing cards to shop for, go for rare ones as one of the core features of non-fungible tokens is rarity, and this could be a necessary attribute when a gamer decides to list their non-fungible tokens (the card) in the NFT marketplace.

Why is StarCrazy built on IoTex?

IoTex is a fast, secure, and decentralized platform that connects real-world devices and data to the blockchain. The IoTeX blockchain has been working fully with no interruptions since 2019 which makes their blockchain a wonderful option for those looking for a P2E game like StarCrazy on a dependable chain.

Iotex is a fully decentralized first blockchain platform that connects real-world data to decentralized Applications and according to them, they are one of the best cryptographic security systems, with transactions only costing a few cents and processed instantaneously.

The Iotex ecosystem is backed by various tech companies and other crypto projects like Nasdaq, Coindesk, Forbes, CoinTelegraph, and Decrypt. According to Dappradar, iotex has about 30 Dapps, with iotex currently ranking two.

With Iotex’s mobile-friendly feature (iopay wallet), as well as the Iotex ecosystem’s speed, scalability, and low transaction fees, gamers can easily play without glitches and access the game using their phones, without even needing to use a personal computer, as in the case of many other games.

According to Coingecko, an aggregator for cryptocurrencies, there is a maximum supply of 30 million tokens and a circulating supply of almost a million tokens, with a current market cap of about $15 million. Game fantasy tokens have an all-time high of $36.84 and an all-time low of $12.59.

Why is StarCrazy considered a game changer?

During the beta tasting of Game Fantasy, over 1500 players tested out the game, according to Dappradar, from more than 30 countries. Game fantasy is considered the next game changer owing to so many reasons, like the ease of setup and mobile compatibility.

It allows NFT lovers and increasing creators to be able to participate in the card flipping game, unlike most other games that require so many technical skills and attention every day to earn. One could easily fuse cards or get cards with high digging power and easily mine the game fantasy token easily without having to check back every now and then.




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