Collaborates with CurioDAO to explore new Adventures within the Blockchain

2 min readOct 8, 2021 is a reliable staking platform that allows users and businesses to earn rewards on their holdings for a selected set of high quality supported blockchains. Stakely tries to lower the barrier for new users by creating easy to follow documentation and providing help among various crypto communities.

Why choose

Low fees; has a goal of minimising fees as much as possible while maintaining high reliable and safe node infrastructure.

Insurance; The Stakely Staking Insurance Fund is designed to cover staking losses in case of an accident caused by Stakely.

Support; Supporting crypto projects from the start, from deploying nodes to bootstrapping communities.

Community; Stakely the largest Spanish crypto community. And also, develop community tools and documentation easy and accessible to everyone.


CurioDAO is a project built on the Ethereum network as well as Polkadot that is open-sourced. This project is efficiently handled by persons all around the globe who are in possession of CGT, which is the governance token. By process of scientific authority, which includes administrative selection and governance survey, the holders of CGT handle the Creator Protocol and economic risks posed to the Curio Stablecoin in order to maintain its solidity, clarity, and efficiency.

CurioInvest: How It Works

CurioInvest’s system is geared to help companies tokenize real-world assets on a decentralized blockchain-based token issuance system. CurioInvest offers security tokens backed by Real-world assets wrapped with a regulatory qualification in Liechtenstein. Most of the new tokens being offered in the blockchain space are only utility tokens meaning they can be used as payment for performing various functions on the blockchain. Still, they can’t be used to represent any real-world assets.

However, CurioInvest is looking to offer security tokens, which aren’t legal anywhere else in the world except in crypto-friendly regions like Switzerland and some other countries. CurioInvest’s governance solution, CurioDAO, is based on the Ethereum and Polkadot networks.

Advantage of partnership

• Increased market share and Market access

• To expand reach

• Share resources/knowledge

• Enhance operations and payment options


The entire purpose of partnership and collaboration between these two parties is to explore new adventures and avenues within the Blockchain.

Partnership between these two established companies, increases the number of users of customers in different geographical locations, And also, increased expertise in several Blockchain adventures, through sharing of Knowledge and resources. Thereby, increasing likelihood of success.

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