Spores Specialization

2 min readDec 31, 2021


Spores Network envisions a universally full-stack NFT platform which is cross-chain interoperable to issue NFTs, to auction and exchange the assets and to utilize other DeFi products without any barrier. Spores takes the advantages of blockchain and smart contract to authenticate NFTs, track their ownership and buy/sell history, securely decentralize their trading procedure, while fully complying with intellectual property & copyright licenses to protect the NFT creators & owners’ benefits. Spores is equipped with full functioning features to facilitate and benefit all participants (artwork & content creators, game developers, entertainment producers, clubs, collectors, celebrities and fans, etc).

• NFT minting portal for token creators

• Account management tools for token holders

• Auction engine

• Cross-chain exchange, staking & LP

• Marketplace and NFT ranking

• Interoperable DeFi gamification

• AI assistant for checking and tracking

How does Spores Solve the limitations of NFTs

Spores’ ultimate goal is to build a full-stack NFT platform, consisting of an NFT minting portal and a marketplace for trading NFTs, supported by cross-chain interoperable decentralized finance protocols, which is feasible to solve the aforementioned limitations of NFT space. A full-stack decentralized NFT finance platform is in urgent need for both vertical and horizontal application scale up, as analysed by Rachel M. We target bridging the three major blockchains (Ethereum, Cardano, BSC and Polkadot) for frictionless NFT minting and exchanging. Furthermore, Spores marketplace is blockchain-agnostic and friendly for everyone to join. Services offered by popular decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols (e.g. wrapping, atomic swaption, staking & lending) are sophisticatedly integrated on the whole Spores platform to improve NFT liquidity to allow seamless capital access for the new class of crypto assets. DeFi users join Spores’s NFT marketplace with gamification of staking, collateral debt positions, farming and more. Simply, ones can see Spores as a full combination of an NFT minting platform, a marketplace and a DEX for NFTs.




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