Spores Benefits And Usecases

The spores protocol provides some benefits to users, these benefits are enjoyed by everyone and they are as follows;

Gaming: The gaming industry and non-fungible tokens are a perfect match. Imagine being able to check a detailed history of the magic shield or sword you have just bought. NFTs can provide a proof of ownership for every item within blockchain-supported games.

Digital Artworks: Blockchain provides provenance, which is proof of ownership and origin of the art pieces. Digital artists find it increasingly difficult to copyright of their artwork. The use of NFTs can enable one to buy a work of art and showcase it within a digital space, being fully aware of the history of the asset, such as artist name, date of creation, list of other owners, and value of the asset throughout its lifecycle.

Digital Collectibles: NFTs has brought a new character to the collectible world. Traditional professionals are now onto digital assets. The use cases of NFTs are developing. A few days back, Jehan Chu, founder of blockchain investment firm Kenetic,divided over $84,000 for 680,000 Handshake (HNS) NFTs, allowing the bearer to issue .NFT web domain extensions via the Handshake blockchain. Chu called NFTs the “true lacking link between online and offline things” and stated his hope that they could convert business, finance, society, and culture.

Entertainment: Tickets to music concerts or football games are usually unique and interchangeable. They give us permission to see an event or activity. Due to those aspects, the ticketing space could have huge benefits employing NFTs on the blockchain.

Sport: The sports industry suffers a lot due to counterfeit merchandise and tickets, which blockchain can help in eliminating. The immutability of blockchain prevents counterfeit collectibles and tickets, with the help of tokenized game tickets getting issued on the blockchain network. This is a great use case for non-fungible tokens. Each game ticket might be similar, but each will hold unique identifiable information connecting it with the designated owner on the blockchain.




Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.

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Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.

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