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What is Spheron (Previously ArgoApp)?

First of all, you should know that Spheron (previously ArgoApp) is a Decentralized Blockchain hosting platform that helps users build modern websites on the Decentralized Cloud Protocols. In other words, Spheron
( previously ArgoApp) are a git-based, serverless app and web deployment platform used to deploy web applications to a local hosting service.

Spheron ( previously ArgoApp ) is built with the objectives of both modern multinational corporations and smaller enterprises in mind and provides transparent, immutable, and cryptographically reproducible solutions. The Spheron blockchain data storage system is a hybrid of two well-known and well-developed technologies, such as blockchain and decentralized storage.

What does Spheron (previously ArgoApp) Offer?

Spheron offers a decentralized, uncensored, and permanent platform for businesses and ideas on the internet with 100% uptime and a one-time deployment fee based on the protocol users are using. In addition to this, As we are built on top of the Decentralised Cloud Protocol, we share the same vision of decentralization of data and hosting sites.

Also, Spheron provides a User Interface for any deployment on Decentralised Cloud Protocol and simplifies the experience of developers to work on Decentralised Cloud Protocol and focus on only building applications. Not just that, Spheron also provides persistent logs monitoring for deployments and helps in organizing their deployments on Decentralised Cloud Protocols with GitHub-based organizations and repositories like structure. And Spheron provides DNS configuration for any deployment with an intuitive User Experience.

There are so many amazing facts AbouSpheron’s services. Which I would describe as ‘one of a kind’ because apart from all I mentioned previously. The Spheron platform is a front-end solution that quickly deploys services of existing decentralized storage services via a few clicks. Optimized for easy onboarding, the platform allows users to access many storage service options under one ecosystem. Unfortunately, most decentralized storage services usually focus on one or two solutions, limiting the convenience they can offer. These limitations hinder the enthusiastic adoption of decentralized services.

It’s so evident that Spheron has a lot of unique advantages as users no longer have to depend on subscription plans of cloud provider giants, enjoy fast deployment via pre-rendered front-end web pages supported by multiple Jamstacks, and scale seamlessly without any monthly recurring fees. The space is 100% auditable and verifiable because all the deployment will be logged in the blockchain with tags to distinguish them.

Spheron ( previously ArgoApp) Products

• Platform — The platform handles the app logic, version control, automation, and GitHub-related logic.

• Foundation — The foundation is a set of nodes responsible for all the computation required during the deployment of the application.

• Billing — Payments in the Spheron Protocol are with the $ARGO token. Every deployment on any protocol can be paid with $ARGO.

What can be Built on Spheron?

This is another frequently asked question and the answer is simply exciting as Any service can be built through the Spheron web deployment front-end service. For example, a logistic solution company that requires 24/7 accessibility with accurate, permanent, and immutable storage of their operations data can choose to deploy their web app via our platform. Additionally, with our censorship-resistant foundation, the company is assured of operations without the headache of impaired accessibility due to any form of censorship.

Also, For industries such as healthcare, record-keeping is pivotal for research, reference, and follow-up of patients, thus the need for permanent, immutable data. Healthcare service providers can deploy their web apps and store their data via our front-end solutions for proper record maintenance and efficient operations. Healthcare systems that are now almost a requirement in every healthcare facility can choose to have our decentralized solution as part of their foundation for building robust systems.

How is Spheron Different from Centralized Systems?

Spheron is not only unique but also stands out, as with Spheron (previously ArgoApp), you can avail benefits of the decentralized data storage powered by Arweave to build your ideas and businesses without fear with complete reliability. At Spheron (previously ArgoApp), it ensures that the platform provides you with the power to deploy full web apps permanently with no walled gardens, autonomy at a one-time cost

Spheron (previously ArgoApp) provides you not only with permanency in your business and data, but also the benefits that normal, centralized cloud storage would provide you without the shortcomings, and even more:

• Low cost: Spheron (previously ArgoApp) charges a one-time fee, hence say NO to subscription amounts and scaled-up costs.

• Unlimited bandwidth: With no hidden charges, we do not impose any bandwidth limits.

• Reliability: with 100% uptime and permanent storage, your data is truly yours

• Privacy: Spheron (previously ArgoApp) is censorship resistant since it is decentralized.

Token Metrics

Spheron is a decentralized platform so we issue 100,000,000 $ARGO tokens (ERC20) for our ecosystem. It is used for getting discounts during deployments, privileges access to VIP features, feature requests, and platform governance. We can support cross-chain in ArGo: Matic mainnet for payments and Almost every decentralized cloud and domain protocol for deployment, storage, and domain integration.

Our token utility is based on the usage of the Spheron Platform. Further, the usage of the platform can be elaborated as the usage of features in Spheron. $ARGO provides a secure and convenient system of settlement for community members that interact within the ecosystem. It also acts as a medium to incentivize participation in the Spheron ecosystem by giving users and service providers rewards proportionate to their participation in activities within the platform.

$ARGO also functions as the economic incentives which will be distributed to encourage users to contribute and maintain the ecosystem on the Spheron Platform, thereby creating a win-win system where every participant is fairly compensated for its efforts. $ARGO is an integral and indispensable part of the Spheron Platform because, without $ARGO, there would be no incentive for users to expend resources to participate in activities or provide services for the benefit of the entire ecosystem on the Spheron Platform. Given that an additional $ARGO will be awarded to a user based only on its actual usage, activity, and contribution on the Spheron Platform, users of the Spheron Platform, and/or holders of $ARGO which did not actively participate will not receive any $ARGO incentives.

Most Importantly, Users of Spheron will enjoy staking rewards, which are paid out in discounts on services offered in the ecosystem. For example, a user who wants to deploy a web app or wants storage space from the platform will enjoy discounts proportional to the number of tokens staked. The discount system creates even more value for those with a long-term plan to use Spheron.

How does Spheron overcome Decentralized limitations?

Some potential clients may have reservations about adopting decentralized platforms known for their slow transaction execution. At Spheron (previously ArgoApp), these obstacles, including slow transaction speeds were dismissed by using new generation protocols. The Spheron smart contracts are deployed on Polygon, which has a double advantage over previous generation protocols. The users get high TPS with very low gas fees per transaction.

Similarly, Spheron (previously ArgoApp) adequately serves both generations while also providing web developers with the necessary tools to improve their skill sets. We also address the challenges developers experience as they actualize their web apps.

On the other hand, Spheron’s solution involves incentivizing developers through yield farming techniques. Centralized platforms lack any incentivizing mechanisms to convince developers to continue building using their services. Through decentralization, they incentivize developers and improve the organic growth of the platform by offering more than just decentralized cloud services. Additionally, with the correct yield farming techniques, developers reduce their spending on their service. However, they bill their services in $ARGO and require the payment in $ARGO. Likewise, By offering rewards for yield farming in $ARGO, they are effectively giving discounts on their services.

Moreover, Spheron (previously ArgoApp)makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSN (Decentralized Storage Networks). On the other hand, Spheron (previously ArgoApp)removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 100% uptime throughout its life.

You should also know that

The main benefits of using Spheron (previously ArgoApp) Decentralized Storage Network (DSNs) architecture are the low cost, high latency, extreme reliability, and privacy. What this translates to in the context of high-level data breaches is that firms using the Spheron (previously ArgoApp) platform would not have to worry about such breaches as the make-up of our technology greatly diminishes such occurrences. The emphasis on reliability and decentralization is vital here.

Conclusively, with the Spheron (previously ArgoApp) platform and serverless architecture, that would not be the case. The platform has no downtime, which means there will never be any points of vulnerability for attackers to try and strike. The primary focus has always been on the developer community, and improving their deployment experience has been the top priority. Spheron believes if they keep making developers’ experience better, competition, prices & profits, everything will take care of themselves. Receiving positive feedback from the developers gives them a mindset that no other thing can. The team is incredibly grateful & proud of these testimonials they have collected.

For more information, you can check out the Spheron website

Spheron website — https://argoapp.net/
Spheron Blog — https://spheron.medium.com/
Download Sphron white paper here — https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IlrqGEwhvm-fUfTdy8evGX72gZpfZ-fV/view
Connect with Spheron on Twitter — https://twitter.com/SpheronHQ?s=20
Spheron Telegram community — https://t.me/argoofficial




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