SolClout IDO on PolkaBridge Launchpad

2 min readDec 8, 2021


Launchpad, often referred to as IDO platforms, are platforms for launching new coins, crypto projects, and raising liquidity. An IDO is a platform for crowdfunding for any new project launched on a decentralized exchange platform using coins or tokens.

PolkaBridge also has an Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) Launchpad platform. This allows PBR token holders to participate in interesting several solid crypto projects in their early stages, this ensures good returns on investment or high profit. This is good because the PBR Launchpad provides Investment opportunities which were only available to users with very high capital. All projects on the PolkaBridge Launchpad are checked by the PolkaBridge team allowing users to invest with confidence, not having to worry about the legitimacy of the project.

SolClout would be on the PolkaBridge IDO launchpad. SolClout is a social networking service built on the Blockchain. SolClout is envisioning a platform to build a formidable community powered by Solana, a high throughput, scalable public blockchain project. SolClout will allow for cryptocurrency projects and users to create and boot-strap Clout-driven communities geared towards building fast and sustainable social presences.

To participate in the IDO make sure you fill this form;

Please make sure you have participated in staking with an amount of at least 10,000 PBR before filling out this form. Join Staking at

Tier system

Tier1 — If you stake at least 10,000 PBR and up to 19,999 PBR, you will participate in sharing 40% of the total IDO allocation

Tier2 — If you stake between 20,000 PBR — 29,999 PBR tokens, ou will participate in sharing 30% of the total IDO allocation

Tier3 — If you stake above 30,000 PBR tokens, ou will participate in sharing 30% of the total IDO allocation

Note; Fill out the form, confirm that you staked. And perform every other tast. The SolClout IDO would 8, December 2021 on the PolkaBridge IDO launchpad.




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