Polkawar x Arcade network.

2 min readJan 24, 2022


Since the beginning of this year, Polkawar has been signing really profitable partnerships, the most recent of which is the one with Arcade Network;

a well-defined, intuitive, and resourceful decentralizing platform that provides an advanced experience in gaming metaverses. Powered by Polygon, it provides interoperability in the gaming ecosystem. The team also aims to standardize the gaming industry with their $ARC tokens, providing easy transactions at any point in time.

One major aim this partnership hopes to achieve is giving the benefit of asset interoperability to its users with ArcadeNetwork Relayer Bridge. Both teams are excited and show high enthusiasm towards their contribution to the revolution of the gaming metaverse.

This collaboration will focus on technological improvement and marketing advancement, with the goal of raising brand recognition. There will be a variety of technological linkages, including cross-platform and verse integration. Both sides will use AMAs, live streaming, and events to promote their products.


Arcade Network is the world’s first decentralized platform to provide cross-metaverse asset interoperability. We’re building a medium that enables the seamless movement of in-game assets to empower the players.

Website: https://arcadenet.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArcadeNetwork

Medium: https://link.medium.com/pK1Vd52t4mb

PolkaWar is a blockchain-based NFT gaming platform and marketplace. Inspired by the recent crypto NFT and gaming narratives, PolkaWar will combine and synergize them both to build an attractive platform.The game allows every player to build a character and participate in the battle against other players. Further, PolkaWar will also include an NFT marketplace, where players can sell their items, weapons and upgraded equipment for crypto. Some of the items can even be redeemed for real-world replicas.




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