Polkabridge 1 year Anniversary

PolkaBridge is One!

About a year ago, Polkadot launched Polkabridge. In the past one year, they’ve launched some amazing projects, that have been really successful and built a rather large and successful community.


The staking and Farming execution on the PolkaBridge stage have been really impressive lately, they set off single asset staking with more than half APY and PBR-ETH farming with more than 150% APY! Since the launch of the project, Etherscan shows that the PBR tokens have ascended to 13,275 holders, who directly or indirectly utilize the PolkaBridge platform

$100,000,000 MARKET CAP

Plokabridge started the year with less than $5millon in market cap and managed to increase that to over a $100 million, with an All Time high of $149 million (according to CoinGecko on the 16th of November 2021)

For a project that’s just a year old, this is an astounding feat

Multi Chain AMM Type Decentralized Exchange Launch

PolkaBridge launched its flagship product multi-chain AMM type decentralized exchange on the 16th of Nov 2021 supporting Ethereum and Binance. The aim is to verify that crypto-assets can be traded with one another, in a decentralized and oversight safe way. The Polkabridge team places a great deal of emphasis on security, they had a review done by Certik. It charges 0.2% expenses per trade, 80% of which go to the liquidity suppliers (LPs) and the 20% are gathered to purchase and consume PBR tokens. The group is attempting to extend the quantity of resources accessible, the square chains upheld on the stage and present the cross-chain usefulness.

PolkaBridge Launchpad And Performance

The most valuable PolkaBridge item up to this point has been simply the Launchpad (arguably). Previously, the chance to put resources into state of the art ideas and promising ventures at a beginning phase was simply accessible to a privileged few. The Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) changed that and keeping in mind that they had their issues, some of them brought about crazy ROI for the investors and in the course of things, great products were birthed.

On the 9th of April Polkabridge launched an upgraded version of it’s launchpad that allows crowdfunding, while at the same time ensuring that everyone has reasonable admittance to it and the activities are considered to be commendable.

They have offered commendable activities on the platform to hopeful investors in a reasonable way, which have done essentially 2X and as much as over 80X!



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