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2 min readMay 3, 2022


One can say it’s a new dawn for musicians as there are now different blockchains with innovative music platforms and tools. From decentralized music platforms to NFTs, musicians can now expand their income streams and enjoy these technologies as they like.

Recently, Near revealed the availability of music tools and platforms on its blockchain that help creatives, such as musicians, to explore new streams of revenue. Musicians are now exploring the Web 3.0 platform.

Near x Music is becoming more popular in the area of blockchain music. Musicians can mint audiovisual NFTs on Near. Also, they can promote their music or a colleague’s music on NearHub.

“There is also more opportunity for musicians to sell their merchandise and music directly to their fan bases rather than depending on platforms as an intermediary…the blockchain allows you to see who is interacting with and collecting your work”, said the Near x Music council.

Origin is a musician who is also a member of the Amplify. Art decentralized platform for music on Near, said, “What’s most attractive about Web 3 is the independence and control to do whatever you want…what’s so interesting and exciting is the way you could combine any art form, be it poetry, sculpture, photography, video, graphic design, music and spoken word into an NFT”.

There is the opportunity of finding new blockchain music software for every musician on Web 3.0. Furthermore, they can design theirs if they have the skills needed. Peter Salomensen, a chiptune musician designed WebAssemblyMusic. This is a synthesizer and live coding music in Web Assembly(Assembly Script) or JavaScript on Near. With WebAssemblyMusic, musicians can remix songs and use them in creating their songs.

Another amazing thing about blockchain music is the ease of royalty payments and sample clearance for musicians on the platform. Through smart contracts, musicians can effectively evacuate middlemen in making music available for remixing and sampling. This improvement will go a long way in encouraging musicians by creating a sense of security. The case of the 60s funk band member, Coleman, who never got a dime from his drum break, ‘Amen break’, which was used in over 5,000 songs is sure not to repeat itself with the innovation of blockchain music.

In Web 3.0, there is bound to be a change in how record labels operate. They would fund, support, and mint NFTs for musicians as required. Also, in the case of any disputes or similar issues, artists can claim their copyrights with NFTs.

Near x Music is an innovative improvement that simply makes music more enjoyable for musicians and music lovers at large.

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