$Marsh Staking Program


This is the first form of staking Unmarshal is introducing and it has high yield reward to incentivize the community.


Rewards: 120,000 $MARSH

Period: 30 days

Lock-In Period: 7 days

Claim delay: 10 days

Minimum stake amount: No minimum


First, you must have MARSH in your wallet to join the single staking pool. You can purchase MARSH from PancakeSwap by connection your metamask wallet or any BSC supported wallet

First Step;

Go to stake.unmarshal.io and connect your metamask or any supported wallet. Simply click on “connect wallet” to perform this action.

Second Step;

At this stage, you must have purchased your marsh tokens and your MARSH balance should be visible on the screen. Proceed by clicking “STAKE” and enter the amount of MARSH you wish to stake in the pool. The “MAX” option allows you to stake all your marsh tokens.

Third Step;

You can now confirm your transaction. There would be a pop-up message for you to confirm transaction and pay transaction fee with BSC. Then wait for the transaction to be completed.

Now you have successfully staked your marsh tokens on the stake.unmarshal.io platform. You can now enjoy the good APY.


This process is performed using he unmarshal Binance Smart Chain bridge. And users are advised to be cautious and follow this guide carefully.

First Step;

Install metamask and configure Binance Smart Chain into your wallet.

BSC Mainnet;

Network Name: Smart Chain

New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/

ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com

Second Step;

Go to bridge.unmarshal.io

Then go to metamask wallet and select Ethereum mainnet and connect your wallet.

Enter amount you wish to convert.

Then click “TRANSFER” to convert. And then, confirm transaction.

You can visit bscscan.com, enter the hash then monitor the progress of the transaction.

About Unmarshal
Unmarshal is Blockchain protocol consisting of a network of blockchain indexes to curate customizable data for Defi applications. Unmarshal is also popularly known as a Multi-chain Defi network aiming at delivering reliable and real-time data to dApps.

There were months of developing, testing, and hosting by the Unmarshal’s tech team before the announcement of Unmarshal native staking platform. This is also going to contribute to the implementation of a solution for hosting the impending NFT Decentralization with an unbiased experience. This platform is definitely rewarding devoted members.

Some Important links to Unmarshal Network
Telegram Chat
Telegram Announcement



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