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The entire Unmarshal community has been eagerly anticipating the introduction of the new staking platform for quite some time now and we are really excited that it’s finally here. We are excited to hear that the time has finally come for a new staking programme with a larger stake period and payouts than ever before.

From what I’ve had the option to accumulate, the duration and prize pool for the new staking program has been painstakingly arranged and created after broad deliberation with specialists. By further developing investor trust and securing up liquidity trade for remunerations, the new staking mechanism will no doubt assist with saving $MARSH’s value/price momentum.

Staking platform information as stated by Unmarshal

● Rewards: 500,000 $MARSH

● Period: 90 Days

● Lock-in Period: No

● Claim Delay: 10 Days

● Min Stake Amount: No Min

An enormous award pool of 500,000 $MARSH tokens has been committed to compensating all the staking participants for a time-frame of 90 days. With a fixed claim delay time of 10 days, members can pull out their reward 10 days after staking.

There’s also a 10 day delay after withdrawal has been made, which means participants will have to wait for another 10 days to unstable his/her rewards.

How to stake?!

I’ll be giving you a brief run through on how to stake $MARSH.

Obviously, the first thing to do is to own or have some $MARSH sitting in your wallet. If you don’t,then you can purchase through this link

Step 1

Visit and connect your Metamask/Binance wallet using the “Connect Wallet” button on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2

Once you connect the wallet, you will be able to see the available MARSH tokens as balance on the screen. Click “Stake” and enter the amount of MARSH you wish to stake. Click “MAX” to stake all your tokens in the contract.

Step 3

Now confirm the transaction on the pop-up on the wallet screen and wait for the transaction to be completed.

That’s basically it!

If you understood the process, you’ve been able to stake your $MARSH and if you didn’t, here’s the link to Unmarshal’s medium for a more detailed explanation of how to stake: Unmarshal Medium


~~Claim Delay refers to the minimum days required for a wallet to unlock the rewards. It’s a wallet specific claim delay, but not contract specific. Meaning, users unlock earning rewards after 10 days from the day of staking.




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