InvArch Weekly Updates-11/26/2021

InvArch community updates is sent out every week and the weekly Updates contains all the required information on the InvArch protocol. The InvArch weekly Updates contains information and general updates concerning InvArch and is usually posted on the various InvArch social media platforms for everyone to access the weekly information and stay up-to-date. There’s a lot going on among the InvArch community and members are to stay up-to-date and never miss any InvArch Update as InvArch weekly Updates provides;

- Actual and real information concerning InvArch weekly activities

- Full details on the steps taken to make InvArch better during the past week

- Major announcement and upgrades on the InvArch protocol

- News and advances on ongoing events

- News on notable changes in the protocol

InvArch Financial and Community Updates

Firstly as promised in the previous weeks. As we’ve almost reached 10k discord members. We have finally fixed December 4, 2021 for members to join our ambassadors. This is really good news as community members get a chance to work closely with the team. We’re also working on building our communities and we’re thankful for the massive growth in the past two months.

As also announced last week. AJ Tobias is the new member of our team. AJ will be joining InvArch as its Social Media Manager. Over the coming days and weeks, AJ will be leading the strategic expansion of InvArch’s social presence across a multitude of platforms. We welcome AJ to this wonderful community.

The exciting thing is that InvArch, a protocol redefining how the world views Intellectual property and ownership, and InvArch has secured a $25m seed valuation. The invArch team is waiting to hear back from two final funds that they have spoken with. After this time, final decisions will be made, and we will officially close the round and roll out the press releases & updates for our community.

InvArch Technological Updates

For our big announcements this week. InvArch will be introducing a cross-chain Intellectual property Pallet Module. This would helpful in the case of expanding the functionality of IP minting directly and throughout the entire parachain universe to establish a mechanism for cross-chain plagiarism detection.

It’s also no longer news that InvArch is an Intellectual property management protocol designed for the Polkadot ecosystem. And InvArch will be seeking a slot on the Polkadot road as a Parachain.

The InvArch Parachain promises to be one of a kind as it would Provide functionality for IP tokenization, management, and utility. It would also Provide smart contract functionality in order to usher in a new era of dApps built on the InvArch protocol. And finally, Provide a medium for detecting cross-chain plagiarism throughout the Polkadot ecosystem of Parachains by expanding Intellectual property minting functionality throughout the Parachain universe under a common standard.

In Addition, InvArch would be allocating A total of 100,000,000 VARCH tokens (10% of the total supply) will be redirected (5% from ecosystem development and 5% from the protocol treasury) and allocated towards Intellectual property module integrations. Specifically, ten (10) individual one percent (1%) allocations are being reserved and used as a reward incentive for other Parachains that integrate the InvArch Intellectual Property Pallet Module into their runtime.

Finally, The first 10 Parachains that integrate the InvArch IP Pallet Module will receive 1% of the VARCH token supply, each, for a total of 10% being given this way throughout the Parachain universe. These tokens will be airdropped equally and directly among the wallet address of each integrated Parachain’s token holders. And this big step would help empower the community and provide incentives to other Parachains. Keep supporting InvArch. We’re just getting started.

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Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.

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