InvArch Intellectual Property Tokens

InvArch is and Intellectual property development network deployed on Polkadot to provide a secure and technology driven economy. Most importantly, InvArch aim is to enable tokenization of intellectual properties and eliminate barriers of trust through the Blockchain.

Now, concerning Intellectual Property Tokens. They’re Ideas, Images, videos, diagrams, graphics, and others that would show and Individuals Idea. And these Ideas are stored as NFTs.

InvArch protocol now serves as a link between ideas and it’s creation. Also a connection between Intellectual properties and skilled Individuals. And through minting, you can upload your ideas on the Blockchain, without anyone altering it.

The InvArch Blockchain can also serve as a technology-based IP registry where IP owners can keep hashed digital certificates of their IP and use the platform to get royalties from those who use their creations and inventions using smart contracts

Intellectual Property ownership

Since the InvArch Blockchain provides a tamper-proof way to store data, a work’s owner can safely store their copyright information. Along with being tamper-proof, Blockchain provides a way to trace the ownership of a work. The original copyright date can be stored in the block’s data.

How is ownership of a digital asset shown on the blockchain? With Blockchain technology, all ownership of digital assets can be recorded in a trustless environment to be bought, sold, leased, or transferred as the owner sees fit.

InvArch Blockchain for determining creatorship/Proof-of-Ownership

Blockchain technology can be used as a trusted platform for verifying the authenticity of ownership of IP works. A person wanting to get a patent over an invention can go to patent office to apply for a patent and secure his IP. However, in case of copyright because of the lack of any official documentation, the onus of proving ownership of a creative content lies with the creator. Exercising the copyright has become even more challenging in the era of internet, where anyone can download the content created such as a recorded song, a photograph, painting, etc. and can freely use it at will.

InvArch Blockchain for maintaining version control of digital assets

Digital assets such as patents, research publications, copyrights, etc., have multiple versions during their lifetime and there is a need for a technology which provides linking of multiple versions of digital assets during its lifecycle. InvArch Blockchain technology can be used in such systems where one can link all the versions of their digital assets using Blockchain’s ledger technology and potentially use it as for end-to-end lifecycle maintenance of the asset.

Application of Blockchain’s version control in IP: Defensive publications are a way to prevent anyone from patenting an innovation by publicly disclosing it and thus creating a prior art for the innovation. Blockchain could serve as a defensive publication platform, where each file is given a unique fingerprint, duplications are removed, the platform supports versioning, and each network node can choose which content it is hosting, and the database is indexed and searchable.

Evidence of creatorship

InvArch Blockchain technology can also play an important role within the context of unregistered IP rights such as copyrights and unregistered design rights, since it can provide evidence of their conception, use, qualification requirements (such as originality and the country in which articles made to the design were first marketed) and status. Uploading an original design or work and details of its designer or creator to a blockchain will create a time-stamped record and solid evidence to prove these matters.

Distributed ledger technology-based repositories for unregistered IP rights are already being developed by several blockchain start-ups and could be an interesting and manageable solution for copyright protection as well as digital rights management.

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