How To Bridge On Connext

The big news in the world of crypto is how you can bridge your assets to other blockchain networks on Connext. Users and developers don’t have to worry about being on another blockchain, apart from Connext.

According to Connext, cross-chain is the new multi-chain. This means that users don’t have to make use of several chains. They can now efficiently execute their contracts on one particular xApp.

Connext uses a group (network) of off-chain routers. This is basically to transfer calldata between blockchains and engage in pricing auctions. The network also uses an intelligent contract’ nxtp protocol’, which facilitates the preparation and fulfillment of several transactions with a locking pattern.

Connext also initiates on-chain transfers and finds routes using an ‘SDK’ on the user side.

Connext now enhances smooth and safe bridging between blockchains. The intelligent chain network facilitates interoperability between Web 3.0 blockchain networks.

The whole idea of bridging on Connext may seem complicated to some people. However, it is a simple process. The steps to follow to have a hitch-free bridging experience are explained below:

  • Go to Connext_Bridge, This is where the real magic happens. Then, connect your Web 3 wallet to the specified dApps. Pick the particular network you want to bridge from. The good thing is that if by any chance, you don’t have the configuration of the network you’re bridging from, Connext will instantly enter the configuration for you.
  • Select the network you want to bridge to and the assets you intend to bridge. The amount you will get after a successful transaction will be shown to you even before you initiate the transaction. You will also see the approximate fee after bridging. As shown in the screenshot below, you will be notified of the prices by Connext. Then, you should click on ‘Approve.’ For the initial confirmation, your USDC will be sent.

Click on ‘Swap’ to initiate your Web 3.0 wallet to authorize the intended transaction. However, you need to ensure that you have the assets of the local blockchain network. This will act as the ‘transport fee’ for the approval of your transaction. In the screenshot below, $evmos is the local blockchain asset.

· The next step is to wait. Not a long wait though, your assets will be available for you to claim within a few minutes. There is absolutely nothing to worry about, with Connext, you can be sure of water-tight security with no hitches.

· With just a token paid as ‘gas fee’, you eventually have your assets on your preferred chain.

You can keep bridging as much as you want. Connext allows you to bridge across several platforms, including Ethereum, Polygon, MoonBeam, Optimism, xDAI(now Gnosis Chain), Aribitrum, Moonriver, and BSC(now BNB chain), Fantom, Fuse, and several others.

About Connext

Connext is a liquidity network that enhances speedy transactions between L2 systems and chains compatible with EVM. Although it is usually referred to as a multi-chain network, this is not true. Connext is a cross-chain network. While multi-chain networks require users to deploy several chains, cross-chain networks, such as Connext, allow the undertaking of instructions on a single central app or web. It is a liquidity network recognized for facilitating transfers that are entirely non-custodian. With the Ethereum blockchain, Connext uses innovative technology to enhance hitch-free transfers worldwide.

With Connext, users can bring back ‘calldata’ from the sending blockchain after calling intelligent contracts on other chains. There is no gainsaying that this makes the whole cross-chain idea more appealing. With over 40 live routers and $45 million liquidity available, it is apparent that Connext is soaring higher in the industry as developers and other users see the network as a Godsend.




Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.

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Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.

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