How To Apply For MetaLaunch Launchpad IMO

The idea or concept of applying for MetaLaunch Launchpad IMO/IGO may seem so complicated to many. In reality, however, it is relatively easy. This does not mean you should apply nonchalantly. This is because the application form is fundamental. Whatever information you fill in the form, that will be what the platform would use to review your proposal. The projects would be analyzed and examined by MetaLaunch’s councillor and the group of analysts.

Ideally, the form should be filled out by the head or owner of the group or project. Your project or group is a potential IMO/IGO on the launchpad by filling out the form.

Filling Out The Application Form

In the application form, the name of your project is the first question. The next question, which is also a compulsory one, is what your project is about. Whether GameFi, Metaverse, NFT, or others, you have to check the circle with the right option for your project. Then, you will be asked if you have commenced fundraising before. It is also a compulsory question without yes or no options, and you are to answer in the dash below the question. The next question is how much funds you’ve raised(if yes).

The next question you would be asked is if your team is anonymous or public. Since it can only be one of the two, the options are ‘anonymous’ and ‘public’. In the following question, you would be required to highlight the present development stage of your project.

The next segment is about your platform or blockchain- whether Solana, Polygon or others, pick the right option. Then you’re asked to provide the names of your investors, backers or advisors. After that, you will be asked if your project has been audited. If yes, you would have to add a link to the audit(s) and the name of who audited it. You would have to type how much you hope to raise from the IDO in the next part. The next question after that is how you would use the funds gotten.

The next part is about your token economics. You would have to reveal whether you have a token distribution schedule. Then, the next question is about when you would like to start the IMO.

You would be asked for your project website URL, Telegram group link, GitHub link, and Twitter link in the following parts. Also, you would be asked for your Telegram ID, email address, and name- these are personal info. (as the group leader).

The last part is for additional comments. Here, you can type in any relevant comment you have that has not been previously mentioned.

About MetaLaunch

Powered by Asva Labs, MetaLaunch is a metaverse launchpad and accelerator for gaming and virtual projects. Based on the industry experience and networks of the team, start-up projects that have been listed can take advantage of a wide range of consultation services. MetaLaunch is not just all about the sale of tokens. It is a platform that facilitates the growth of promising start-ups and helps them succeed in the industry, not in the short-term but the long run.

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Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.

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Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.