How MetaLaunch Works

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MetaLaunch is the pioneer project of the company in the Metaverse. Asva Labs seeks to enhance promising start-ups by making the development of their projects much faster and easier. MetaLaunch catalyzes the virtual world with a well-mapped fundraising and development framework. The same goes for the gaming world.

Here is how MetaLaunch works.

The framework used by MetaLaunch makes it very easy for investors to become part of the system. By staking $ASVA tokens(and leveraging on APY benefits), people can participate in IDOs. With MetaLaunch, there is an equal framework for allotment, ensuring everyone has an equal and fair opportunity to participate in the upcoming IDOs. Hence, there is no gainsaying that, for an individual to participate in upcoming IDOs on the launchpad, they should have their $ASVA token.

However, there are categories of people who can participate based on the number of $ASVA tokens. These categories are referred to as tiers. These tiers make the whole process of joining the system and participating hitch-free.

MetaLaunch uses a 3-round system: public, meta-community, and first-come-first-serve round.

Public Round

Just as the name suggests, the public round is all tiers that have been guaranteed can participate. However, it is further broken down into three tiers, and they all have distinct features and requirements.

Meta-Moon (Tier 1)
The requirement for staking in this tier is 2500 $ASVA tokens. Also, whitelisting and KYC are compulsory. The weightage of the pool is 1X.

Meta-Sun (Tier 2)
Just like in Tier 1, whitelisting and KYC are required. However, that’s how far their similarity goes. In Tier 2, the staking requirement is 8000 $ASVA. The weightage of the pool is 4X.

Meta-Galaxy (Tier 3)
Being the highest in the subcategory, the requirement for staking is 18000 $ASVA. Also, KYC and whitelisting are required. Furthermore, the weightage of the pool is 10X.

Meta-Community Round

Social activities and a lottery peculiarly characterize this round. These social activities are to be engaged in by participants. Participants also engage in a lottery. There are social media regulations that should be adhered to via The weightage of the pool is 0.4X. The staking requirement is 1000 $ASVA. With the use of these lotteries, whitelisting is carried out randomly.

First-Come-First-Serve Round
As the name implies, allotment of tokens is carried out on a ‘first-come, first-serve condition. The end of sales is when allotment has ended. Participants who have been whitelisted from the other rounds(public and meta-community rounds) can also participate in this round.

With the involvement of other platforms like crypto, NFT, and blockchain industries, the Metaverse is taking over the internet. MetaLaunch is enhancing the significant development of the industry by promoting the involvement and participation of investors in the ecosystem. The Metaverse industry, as a whole, is soaring high very fast. It has been described by many as the future of the internet.

MetaLaunch seeks to facilitate virtual NFT auctions and land sales.

The platforms also intend to set up an ecosystem where partakers are incentivized to bring about activity in the community in exchange for IDO access.

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