Fire Protocol Partners with UniLend and Joins there Ecosystem.

Fire Protocol is now part of UniLend Ecosystem Fire which they will integrate UniLend into their protocol to bring ERC20 assets to Huobi’s new Huobi Eco Chain.

About Fire Protocol:
Fire Protocol is the next-generation DeFi Protocol based on Huobi Eco Chain which provide Cross-chain solutions Supporting hundreds of digital assets from various chains via our cross-chain hub, to bring over assets to Huobi Ecosystem.
As an infrastructure to the Huobi Ecosystem, the DEX provides fast and secure trading services of all Huobi Eco Chain assets where we provide access to High Scalability, Multi Asset Exposure, Liquidity Mining.

Fire Protocol is the first project on Huobi’s new Huobi Eco Chain [HECO] therefore the partnership will take future of DeFi at large to the next level.

Just as Unilend aim is to unlock the True Potential of
Decentralized Finance, Fire Protocol is also a next-generation of DeFi protocol that enables cross-chain asset support while offering new and robust money markets and DEX/swap features, processed at an high speeds, cost-effective transactions, and security via Huobi Eco Chain.

Both parties are exploring wrapped UFT for use with Fire Protocol and ultimately the Huobi Eco Chain.

Fire Protocol employs an innovative approach to cross-chain technology, which will bring alots of digital assets into the [HECO] ecosystem with the help of DeFi innovators such as UniLend. This technology can be harnessed to offer UFT more opportunities. Specifically UFT holders and they will be able to tap into the ecosystem provided by the Fire Protocol in conjunction with Huobi Eco Chain.

Partnership between Unilend and Fire Protocol will not be limited to the above highlights, because they will scout more opportunities in order to grow both community in DeFisector.

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Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.

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Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.