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Connext recently announced they would be powering this year’s Ethereum hackathon. Connect is a force to reckon with in the ecosystem as a cross-chain network. It enhances hitch-free interactions between apps on the Web 3.0 network.

This year, Connext will be sponsoring the EthNewYork hackathon. To bring experts and enthusiasts together to bring about record-breaking innovations, Connext seeks to encourage the development of the system.

The program provides contestants with resources, enhancing significant innovations and results. It is a platform for bringing experts together with impeccable skills regarding Ethereum.

It cannot be far from the truth that Ethereum is the new gold. Ethereum is now a household name in the commercial world, from the decentralization of power to money transformation of money. Several enthusiasts, creators, users, and developers are excited about the Ethereum hackathon.

About the Hackathon

The top prize is $4,000- For the best xChain application with SuperFluid and Connext.

The following prize is $2,000- Best xApp for arbitrage or management function.

$1,000- Best use of NFTs with NNFTHashi

Generally, there are prizes of over $500,000 to be claimed.

A fantastic thing about participating at ETHNewYork is that you are never alone. There are builders, experts, sponsors, and other members available to help you.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be a Web 3.0 expert to participate. You can create a team of up to 5 members, regardless of skill level.

To participate in the ETHNewYork hackathon is entirely free of charge, thanks to the sponsors like Connext and EthGlobal. No subscription fee or participation fee is to be paid by participants.

It is worthy of note that participants are not allowed to work on pre-existing projects for equality.

The 36 hours hackathon has been slated for June 24 to June 26, 2022. It will occur at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York(125 W, 18th St.)

To apply for the ETHNewYork hackathon, click on Then, you would be asked to supply your email address, and, in minutes, you’re already an attendee.

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