Connext’s Amarok Open For Testing

2 min readMay 28, 2022

Connext network has announced the availability of Amarok on Public Testnet.

Amarok is the next network upgrade for Connext. It is a solution to the key issues that developers, routers, and users have been experiencing on the Connext network. With Amarok, it is apparent that Connext has been engaging in deep research into how these problems can be solved for the users and developers that interact with the Connext network.

Currently, Amarok is now available to be tested by builders. By extension, Amarok is open for testing by the whole community of the ecosystem. As an upgrade, Amarok is powered by the MIS(Modular Interoperability Stack), which enhances safe cross-chain compatibility with its framework of effective solutions.

Amarok has been developed by making significant alterations to the Connext protocol.

Amarok offers smooth multi-chain transactions. Bridging is made quicker and easier with the one-click feature of this beautiful upgrade. Without having to compromise on safety, developers can quickly build xchain applications. There is no restriction to data, users, or funds.

Another fantastic thing about Amarok that builders are impressed with is the optimistic approach to the framework. The upgrade(Amarok) features an optimistic approach. This implies that there is only a requirement of one ‘secure’ party for a secure transaction. There is no need for all parties involved to have water-tight security before activities can be carried out securely. There is no gainsaying that this upgrade on the Connext network rids builders and the community, generally, of limitations.

Amarok facilitates quick and safe liquidity to users. With Amarok, xApps have easy and smooth access to funds. They can also carry out any xchain operation with the available API.

Connext seeks to move Amarok to Main Net when the audits are finalized. Currently, the upgrade is on Test Net, and with time, it is being projected to be moved soon.

Generally, Amarok was developed to enhance user experience in every aspect of the network.




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