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InvArch is well-known as an Intellectual property and decentralized development network. Also, has the InvArch blockchain built around the $VARCH token a good distribution model allocating 5% to team growth, 7% to seed funding, 10% to strategic round, 20% to parachain bonding, 0.5% to bond reserve, 15.5% to ecosystem growth, 10% to protocol management, 5.5% to treasury, 5% to liquidity programs, 4.5% to developer incentive and 19% for power and teams.

In addition, the $VARCH token holders are allowed to participate in the governance of the protocol and help in making good decisions that affect the future of the entire ecosystem. And also, $VARCH can be staked to earn rewards.

Now, with several confirmations it’s been proven that the InvArch network is fast, with fast transaction speed and runs with minimal transaction fees. This has been made possible through building InvArch with Substrate. In addition, deploying InvArch on Polkadot has given InvArch a good advantage and access to several available technologies and a secure ecosystem.


Without other arrangements, an owner of an NFT owns only the token itself.

Owning an NFT can compare to owning a collectible card, such as a rare baseball card or rare Pokémon card. Like a card, an NFT is a token that represents an item. Owning a token or card confers no ownership or rights in the represented item.

InvArch Tokenization of Intellectual property rights is something that is desirable to many other firms. On one hand, it is known that intellectual properties involve different legal barriers such as being dependent on a registry, having long-waiting times for granting of the right which create friction in the market

Simply saying, InvArch is a unique blockchain platform that unites many blockchains and allows their users to safely communicate with each other, regardless of their location, share ideas, tokenize their ideas in the form of NFT, bring these ideas to life, and remain confident that their ideas are completely safe.

InvArch Blockchain for determining creatorship/Proof-of-Ownership

InvArch Blockchain technology can be used as a trusted platform for verifying the authenticity of ownership of Intellectual property works. A person wanting to get a patent over an invention can go to patent office to apply for a patent and secure his Intellectual property. However, in case of copyright because of the lack of any official documentation, the onus of proving ownership of a creative content lies with the creator. Exercising the copyright has become even more challenging in the era of internet, where anyone can download the content created such as a recorded song, a photograph, painting, etc. and can freely use it at will. The value of a single IPO is equal to the total number of tokens (Tn) divided by the number of fractionalized ownership (F).

Thus, InvArch blockchain technology will be able to facilitate the management of IP rights. Publications under the InvArch Blockchain environment might be used as evidence in intellectual property related law proceedings.

A little about the InvArch Native Token ($VARCH) and Tokenization

The VARCH token is the native token of the InvArch network. It is required for many necessary functions on the chain such as paying gas fees, participating in on-chain governance, minting intellectual property sets, and forming decentralized ventures, among many others.

Initially ,1 billion VARCH tokens will be minted. InvArch has a target annual inflation rate of 5%. As would be required, VARCH has an uncapped token supply.

To mint an intellectual property token, a user will provide various predetermined data fields. When you upload an idea or file, a version is mapped to the token that lives on the blockchain and it can’t be touched or altered.

InvArch has also identified a basic design and discussed its strengths and limitations accordingly, we have further directions which may further utility and erase those limitations and yield further ground towards a truly decentralized innovation ecosystem.

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Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.

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Blockchain enthusiast//Blockchain Ambassador//Content writing.