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A Step-by-Step Guide to Your ioPay V2 Crypto Wallet

ioPay is the official IoTeX app with an all-in-one wallet, secure and integrated dApp store.
The ioPay wallet allows you to interact with the IoTeX blockchain and execute smart contracts, stake/vote for delegates, interact with applications, and much more.

ioPay V2 has got many new features in comparison to V1, which makes the wallet one of the top choices on the market:

  • multichain support for IoTeX, Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon;
  • hundreds of dApps to browse;
  • easy switching between chains;
  • multiple accounts support;
  • developer options support;
  • improvements of the explorer.

ioPay V2 wallet guide

The ioPay V2 wallet can be downloaded from via your mobile phone or your PC.

After downloading and installing the application on your preferred device, you will be provided with two options: “Create Wallet” and “Import Wallet”

  • Select Import Wallet only if you have an account with ioPay, and you have your private key backed up from your previous wallet.
  • Select Create Wallet to create a new wallet. You will be asked to create a passcode that you can use to unlock your wallet. Be sure to write down your private key and store it in a safe place. Your private key/passcode cannot be recovered. If you lose it your money is gone forever.

After setting your pass-code, you will be asked to pick a thumbnail of your choice and also to pick a name for the new wallet.
You will get a long alphanumeric key called a private key. This key gives full access to your wallet and assets.

Once your wallet is created, you can proceed to send, receive and stake your assets. There are the “Token” & “NFT” tabs where you can see a list of all your assets and NFTs on this page.
If you have any asset you can’t see, then you need to obtain the asset contract address and click on the *+Add* icon. Paste the contract address there, and you will see your asset.

On the bottom menu bar, you will see the activities button, it gives you access to your transaction history. You also have access to the explorer section, which by default will automatically decode your address on the IoTeX blockchain. You can also use this explorer to check any other IoTeX wallets or transactions. Just input the address or the transaction hash you need to the search field.

The next 2 icons on the bottom menu bar are the Discover and the News sections:

  • The Discover section provides you with hundreds of dApps to browse on several blockchains (such as IoTeX, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain), and Polygon Network).
  • The News section contains the feed where users can check all the important and necessary news and updates of the IoTeX blockchain.

Finally, the last icon is the Settings, where users can switch from any blockchain network to another. The IoTeX mainnet, Ethereum Network, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon blockchain are available by one-click switch, and you can also choose and customize the Antenna Network based on your preference.

From the General subsection, you can switch the wallet language to any other language from the available list.

Also, you may decide to hide or show your web3 address, which is like using an Ethereum compatible wallet address on the ioPay wallet.
Developers can access the developer mode option, where you can build anything you want. The IoTeX blockchain is very flexible and the company offers a one-of-a-kind Halo grant to build on the IoTeX platform. Developers can benefit greatly from the funding, the expert technical support IoTeX provides, and the support network of the larger IoTeX community Learn more about the Halo Grants Program.

The Security & Privacy sub-section is where you can change the wallet passcode and manage dApps authentication.
With the XRC20 sub-section you can search and add any token you want to see on the home screen. You can search for the token cash tag, or paste the contract address.
The Address Book was added so that you can conveniently add an address, give it a name and describe what the address is used for. For example, you pay electricity bills in crypto every weekend. In this case, you can add this address and it will be much easier for you to use it in future when sending money there.
The About ioPay subsection is where you can access all the official IoTeX community links, such as Telegram group, Twitter, and others.

The ioPay V2 wallet is fast, secure, easy to use, and provides a great user experience overall.

About IoTeX

IoTeX is a fully decentralized blockchain platform that connects real-world data to decentralized applications.
It is one of the best cryptographic security systems, with transactions only costing a few cents and being processed nearly instantaneously.
Their protocol is backed by various tech companies and other crypto projects like Nasdaq, Coindesk, Forbes, CoinTelegraph, and Decrypt.

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